Buying Guide: The Best Espresso Machine of 2017

espresso machineI love a good cup of coffee, perhaps more than the average person does. I have to have a cup in the morning and frequent the office coffee maker a couple of times just to keep the levels of coffee in my system high enough. Yes, I confess that I am an addict and like most addicts, I’m always on the look out for the best coffee or espresso maker on the market.

Times have become hard and spending over $20.00 on coffee every day was just ridiculous. I have tried a lot of espresso machines over the years and have learned a couple of things about what to look for if you want to make any kind of coffee like a true barista.

There are basically four types of espresso machines on the market:

1. Manual Espresso machine

Ideal for people who have the time to actually put some work in making coffee. The great thing is that a manual espresso lets you control the entire process. However, these are more expensive and require a few practice runs before you can actually make the perfect espresso shot. La Pavoni has the best manual espresso machines on the market.

2. Automatic espresso machines

Virtually everything is automated. They have an electronic pump that controls the amount of water and the proper delivery through the espresso making process. Nespresso Pixie is a great fully automated espresso machine.

3. Semi-Automatic espresso makers

They have an electric pump. They are good for people who still want some control. They are easier to use than the manual machines and they are more affordable than the automatic espresso makers. The best espresso machine 2017 under 200 for me is the Delonghi EC155.

4. Super Automatic Espresso machine

Using this machine is as easy as adding your coffee ground and pressing a button to get the machine to create the perfect shot of espresso. They are essentially an “All-in-one” system with fancy special features. They are the most expensive of all the types. The DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica is one of the best super automatic espresso machines on the market.

So what did I end up buying? After pouring over endless catalogs and going from one store to another and i settled on the semi-automatic because it is easier to operate, doesn’t look complicated and makes a mean shot of espresso with very little help. The machine is one part of having a great shot of espresso; the next thing to consider is the coffee beans. Now, I’m off to find the best coffee beans in the world.