My New Flat Iron This Year

straightI was looking at flat iron reviews 2015 online the other day. I was surprised to find that there were different flat irons for different types of hair. For instance, relaxed, curly and thick hair would be suitable with ceramic flat irons, while the tourmaline flat iron straighteners were suitable for curly, thick and naturally fine hair. In fact, there were different brands and models for each type of hair, irrespective of their plate specifications. I imagined that each brand was trying to position itself, and claim their advantages over a particular type of hair.

Anyway, the purpose of looking at flat iron reviews was to buy one for myself. I needed a flat iron that would heat up quickly and would also heat evenly. I needed easy grip for holding it, and wanted broad plates to get in more hair with each swipe. I found the tourmaline ceramic flat iron models were the latest, and at least as per brand positioning for the model that I selected, suited my hair to the hilt. My hair is thick and curly, and looks like a bird’s nest if not combed for at least 10 minutes every time I need to go out. The tourmaline ceramic flat iron heats up within a matter of seconds, and I could use it if I needed to go out urgently.

I bought the flat iron two months back to this day. The model I bought also has infrared heat that can be directed at the hair while the flat ironĀ isĀ being used. This makes my hair look silkier and smoother, and gives it that conditioned texture. It also has adjustable temperature settings where I can control temperature depending on the condition of my hair. I normally use the flat iron at two-thirds of its maximum temperature setting, and at this temperature all the nasty curls sticking out from behind my ears are gone, and I look as if I am just back from my hairstylist, so great is the effect.