My gift of a knife set saved thanksgiving dinner

During the last thanksgiving, my brother decided to host the whole family at his home and he invited me to help him cook dinner for everyone since I’m a great cook. So you can imagine my frustration when I looked through his kitchen drawers only to discover knives with dull blades and loose handles. I decided that I the first thing I needed to do was to help him find the best knife set under $100. How he expected to be able to carve the thanksgiving turkey with his collection of dull knives is still a mystery to me.


Since I’m handy in the kitchen, I knew exactly what to look for in a knife set. For starters, the set must include honing steel to maintain the sharpness of the knife blades. I also wanted a set that came with a paring knife and a small multi-use blade for slicing and small cutting jobs. The set had to include a serrated knife for delicately slicing food items. I was also looking for a chef’s knife that had a curved blade that could be used for slicing and chopping. The knife set also had to have a storage block for the various tools. (More: Wired (

Utility kitchen shears were lacking in my brother’s kitchen, and I knew that they would come in handy when carving out the thanksgiving turkey. Other features that I was looking for in the best knife set under $100 were zirconium-ceramic blades because they offer excellent sharpness and are resistant to corrosion. Another good thing about such blades was that these knives could simply be wiped clean and then put away. Ceramic knives also rarely require sharpening under normal use. The last feature that I looked for was a knife set with ergonomically designed handles, which allows you to chop and slice easily. After buying my brother a good knife set, I’m happy to say that thanksgiving dinner was a great success.