How Grandma Made Masterpieces from A Sewing Machine

I remember when me and my sister were small, we used to visit Grandma each summer vacation. We spent most of our holidays playing around her garden, in the grass fields and just around the neighborhood. Most of the time, we get ourselves so messy and dirty. But overall, we were happy and content just playing. We were excited for the fact that there’ll be no school to interrupt our most anticipated moments for the next weeks to come.

In those days, our clothes got really so dirty that we need to change frequently. As far as I can remember, we change our wears like five times or more. If Mom was there, we would have heard warning words from her. But not from Grandma, she was such a peaceful and calm lady. We usually ran out of our packed clothes. There were times we would have to borrow shirts and shorts from our childhood friends Eddy and Gemma only to have something to wear.

What Grandma would do was bring out her sewing machine and sew clothes for us. That was really awesome seeing her create a pair of top and skirt and sometimes shorts from a piece of cloth she bought from the market. We looked like fine little women from Grandma’s creations. She would sew every piece possible from that sewing machine. I thought to myself way back then, it was the best sewing machine. We get to wear beautiful dresses and clothes you cannot find in the stores, only from Grandma’s home.


And so, our problem of running out of something to wear was solved. Thanks to the best sewing machine used by the caring hands of Grandma. When Mom would pick us up when vacation is almost over, she was always overwhelmed by how we looked different and how we needed more bags for the new clothes Grandma made for us. That was really memorable and sweet. (Click here for top sewing machine brands)
Today, my sister and I have grown up and we each have our own families. Like Mom and sadly unlike Grandma, we only buy our clothes from stores everywhere. Occasionally, we get to sew clothes when needed. Just for repairs or simple stitches to strengthen loose threads.

Whenever summer is here, I reminisce about those times at Grandma’s place. I will always remember and tell the story of how she made masterpieces from her passionate hands, the love of her little darling granddaughters, and the best sewing machine.