How I Found The Perfect Small Rice Cooker

The past few months have been pretty difficult for me, as I recently broke up with my boyfriend of two years. Although this was a difficult decision to make, I knew that the relationship was gong nowhere and that I needed a new start. So he decided to move out and take all of his stuff with him. This meant that he took half the CD collection and I was left with a diminished book shelf. However more importantly, I lost half of my kitchen utensils and gadgets. One thing that he took that really upset me, was the much loved rice cooker. In all fairness it was his, so he had every right to take it, but I loved that rice cooker.


As him leaving heralded a new start, I knew that I had to get myself together and go out and buy new things for the apartment, including a new rice cooker. The one we had was really old, it had been his mother’s for many years before she gave it to us. So, I decoded to treat myself to a sparkly new electric rice cooker. I just didn’t know what make or model to buy. This was when I decided to read up on small rice cooker reviews over on Amazon and cooking websites. I knew that by looking up rice cookers and reading customers experiences, I wold find what I as looking for.

Firstly I had to set my budget, which to be honest was not very much. I limited my search to under $30. Then I decided to search for only small electric rice cookers, as I would only be cooking rice for myself, so why buy a big one? Well, I was really surprised by what I found. There were at last 6 rice cookers under $30. I narrowed the list down to 3 by focusing on good rice cooker reviews and only focusing on those with a 4 star plus rating.

The first was by Black + Decker, a 1.5 cup capacity that had over 1,500 reviews. The second rice cooker was by Panasonic that was again able to cook 1.5 cups of rice. This had over 160 reviews but an overall rating of 4.5 stars. The third rice cooker was by Oster, again with a 4.5 star rating that had over 600 reviews. This was a slightly bigger cooker and was able to cook 3 cups of rice. The prices ranged between $13 to $30. The cheapest was the Black + Decker with the Panasonic being the most expensive. So what did I choose? Well, I went with the Black + Decker, not just because it was the cheapest, but because it had the most favorable reviews and would cook the exact amount of rice I needed.

So my advice to you, is that if you are looking for a new small rice cooker for a single person, then do read up on customer reviews and do a little research. That way you will get the best product at an affordable price.

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