How I Lost 10 Pounds after Pregnancy Using My Elliptical Machine

When I got pregnant with my first child everything seemed so rosy. For most of us women, having a baby is so fulfilling and for me it was not any different. However, when I delivered my baby girl my weight shot up – it was just unbelievable. Talking to my doctor and my friends, everyone agreed that I had to shed off some pounds.


I couldn’t start immediately after the child was born but most disturbingly, I didn’t really have time to go to the gym. I needed something I could use at home and that is when the thought of an elliptical machine came to mind. Before I got pregnant I was a gym regular, I could hit 10KM on the treadmill so at first I was really skeptical about the intensity and effectiveness of the machine.

But I knew I had to do something so I started my search for a good and affordable elliptical machine. The elliptical machine reviews 2015 that I read always seemed to highlight the benefits and the cons of the machine. Soon enough, I was able to find a good option and it was shipped to me after a few days. I have to admit that during the first few weeks, it was very difficult for me to get into my normal exercise routine. Although I felt like I needed more intensity, my condition at the time couldn’t really allow me.

So I picked up the pace slowly and gradually. I soon started enjoying myself. In about three weeks, I had lost about 1 kg. I was now sure that the machine actually worked. Building up momentum over the next few months was not really a problem and sure enough, I was able to cut 10 pounds in just a few months. Losing weight after pregnancy seemed so hard, but I can stand tall and say for sure that a combination of good diet and proper use of the elliptical machine made it possible for me.

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