My first client visited my virtual office!


Anyone that has been following my blog knows that I decided to find a virtual office from Found a Space so that I could focus more deeply on my home office, while also having a space for clients to visit that wasn’t littered with my life. I looked over a few options after some research on the site and picked the one that was centrally located while not being too pricey.

Well, today I tried out the office with a new client.

I was terrified it would not go well, like the front desk was going to forget that I had reserved space, or they had forgotten to have the space cleaned, or maybe my rent was not processed…Seriously, every thing that could possibly go wrong went through my head the night before the meeting. I got so nervous that I ended up breaking my caffeine fast and ended up this jittery awful mess right before I met with my client.
Of course, it went so perfectly well that when he left I sat there and giggled at myself for a bit. I got there a couple minutes early and checked to make sure my office was set up how I requested (it was) and that there would be no problems (there weren’t). He wanted some really simple marketing work done for his company, kind of similar to the advertising I did so people would know my name. Super friendly guy, with an awesome business idea, and willing to pay me a decent bonus if I’m done by the weekend. I practically danced after the giggles subsided.
That’s me, you guys. I am completely insane and I worry way too much for my good. Seriously this virtual office has amazing reviews and is completely professional, I signed all the paperwork and paid the rental fee for six months up front. I called three times before this appointment to make sure that everything was fine, and yet I was still certain it was going to fall through at the last minute. I really need to learn to accept that things are probably going to be organized and go well, especially when I made sure that they were going to be.
Anyways, I have my first client who is not a personal friend or came to me through networking, so I feel like a real businesswoman now! I’ll just pretend that the melt-down didn’t happen.
…you guys will keep it a secret, right? ;)

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