My Life With Bread Maker

It’s always great when you have a good bakery a few minutes away from your home. But that’s not my case. And, I just can’t imagine my life without bread. I’m very sensitive about this, and no matter how diverse the food is on the table, if there’s no fresh bread I wouldn’t stay for too long.

It all began with the bread recipes posted online. Some of them were so impressive that I had to try them myself. At first i was hesitant about buying a bread maker as was stated in the recipes, but eventually it turned out great. My current one may not be the best bread maker for dough, but it does the job well and bakes bread in two sizes – 750 g and 1000 g. I always choose a smaller one.

I wanted to understand how the number of ingredients affects the taste and the texture. So, I started to experiment. For my first experiment I decided to add 10 g more of flour, which actually hadn’t influenced the resulting bread that much, maybe a little bit. Another time, I reduced the amount of yeast and slightly diminished the liquid component – this time it had a lighter texture than usually. In general, I realized that in the end yeast is the component that really brings changes.

Check out this gluten free recipe:

There was another experience. My bread maker has three modes for baking white bread: regular (4 hours), fast (2.5 hours) and express (about an hour). I decided that fast mode will be sufficient. And, I wasn’t mistaken. This resulted in perfectly shaped bread. Some other time I tried the standard mode, which I liked as much, despite the harder texture, it turned out really tasty.

All in all, as my own experiments show you don’t need to buy the most expensive bread maker and even the simplest one can be the best bread maker you need, I would suggest to check out the Panasonic bread machines. If you can find a good recipe just go for it with whatever tool you have.